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Field Recording (mid-side)

Edinburgh Harbor July 2015

Charlotte Jarvis: this is my rite

borrowed light 1


~ this is my rite ~
while sorrow shines light, all sincerity breathes bravery,

every fall becomes flight, and love endures life

Dance artist and choreographer Charlotte Jarvis performs this is my rite, a unique form of poetic dance drama, directed by David W W Johnstone. This courageous artist explores the seasons and emotional landscapes of human life.

Dance Artist & Choreographer: Charlotte Jarvis

Director: David W W Johnstone

Sound & Composition: Martin Lutz

Lighting: Jonathan Roberts

Supported by Dance Base, Edinburgh.

At The Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh

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Keep It Real im Radialsystem.V.

Keep It Real

Performance by Sergiu Matis

Sun 08.03.2015 / 20:00 / Radialsystem.V., Berlin


Maria Walser
Corey Scott-Gilbert
Sergiu Matis
Kyan Bayani
Martin Lutz

Keep It Real 

is shameless and straightforwardly queer. A post-feminist influenza, highly contagious that can cause enjoyment.

The protagonist cyborg-bitches tease the thin border between fiction and reality, and their bitch magic goes overboard contaminating everything around them.

Zombies and cyborgs seem utterly human and these queer bodies possess dangerous political possibilities, but what is their power inside the theatre machinery?

The glittery skin of the bitches becomes a screen, and changes the see-through texture of the pretended real authenticity of the discourse. The effect is queering of queer and an anti-show show. 

M is mentor for: FACETS international choreography residency


JAN 5 – FEB 5

Ten choreographers – Avantika Bahl (Mumbai, India), Charlotte Jarvis (Edinburgh, Scotland), Diya Naidu (Bangalore, India), Hemabharathy Palani (Bangalore, India), Mehneer Sudan (Mumbai, India), Patrick Lucky Lartey, Pradeep Gunarathna (Hidderalalage, Sri Lanka), Prasanna Saikia (Kolkata, India), Soo-Hyun Hwang (Seoul, Korea), and Woo-Jung Kim (Seoul, Korea) – have resided in Bangalore since January 5 in this choreography residency organised by Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts. These choreographers will be mentored by an international panel of specialists – choreographer Philippe Saire (Switzerland), mix media artist and light designer Margie Medlin (Australia), musician-composer and sound artist Martin Lutz (Germany), playwright and director Neel Chaudhuri (India), musician-composer, sound designer and singer Samar Grewal (India) light designer Jonathan Roberts (United Kingdom) and choreographer Jayachandran Palazhy (India) – in areas of dramaturgy and a range of scenography aspects. The resulting original works by the ten choreographers will be premiered at the Biennial.
To track the process and progress at the residency, log on to facetsresidency.tumblr.com.

We Can’t Do Perfect

The video WE CAN’T DO PERFECT follows the print production of the book BANGALORE A–Z over a period of four weeks. It reveals the complexity of book making and celebrates the beauty of the crafted object. The video was filmed on location at Grafiprint, Bangalore, India. The sound for the video is composed by Martin Lutz.

The Bangalore A-Z is a limited edition notebook conceived and designed by Anja Lutz. It combines personal takes, ideas and advice about the city, contributed by a variety of locals and visiting artists. From ‘Autorickshaw’ to ‘Zebra Crossing’, the entries are dispersed throughout the publication alongside some visual references. The inspiration for this publication is the Indian Ledger Book, the omnipresent account book where everything seems to be noted down: visitors, transactions, receipts etc. A huge bureaucratic effort that is a legacy of the British colonial past.

In close collaboration with Chandra Mouli from Grafiprint, Anja Lutz developed the form of this publication, referencing the Ledger Books in terms of paper quality, two colour printing, binding technique, edge colouring and embossing. Taking the possibilities and techniques of this traditional printing house into consideration, the Bangalore A-Z is printed on a 1974 Heidelberg one-colour off-set press, it is machine stitched and hand-bound with a half-calico hardcover. The foil embossing on the cover was executed with a 1952 letterpress by Maya Machinery of Calcutta. The edge colouring is done by hand with pigments that are traditionally used in religious ceremonies.

Filming and editing: Anja Lutz
Sound: Martin Lutz
Recorded on location at Grafiprint, Bangalore, India
With many thanks to Mr. Mouli from Grafiprint and the wonderful craftsmen and women who worked on the book production.
This project is made possible thanks to the support of bangaloREsidency, Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan
and Jaaga
© 2015

M in India: bangaloREsidency 2014 Deepa



Open Studio-Process Presentation

Friday December 19, 2014, 7:00 p.m.

Attakkalari Studio, Wilson Garden, Bangalore (India)


Martin Lutz bangaloREsident@Attakkalari is designing sound for “Bhinna Vinyasa”  or Multiple Assemblages.

Join us at Attakkalari Studio for this process presentation by the Attakkalari Repertory where live performance is enhanced with a multi-phonic soundscape.

Free entry. RSVP: 91-80 2212 3684/ 41467690/ 41483534 (Attakkalari)

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Sergiu Matis: Fake – the real deal


“Fake – the real deal” is an installative work that explores near future speculations in a dark room. The senses are orchestrated and manipulated, while temptations open options. The performers are voices, mostly without bodies that discuss the hot topic of the dance of the future, from their own perspective in the near future. Partly computer-generated voices, partly organic, or mostly organic and partly artificial, or fully organic and fully artificial, are the different levels of hybridisation in this cast. The voice of the elevator and Siri are trying to predict the future of dance, while some of the other voices are attached to body parts that used to dance and are still talking about their experience. The arrangement of words and sounds will compose a score of pleasure. Orgasmic voices and organic noises will be the texture of the dance. What will be visible is a matter of perspective.

Concept and text: Sergiu Matis. Performance: Celine Cartillier, Sergiu Matis, Luis Rodriguez, Maria Walser. Sound: Kyan Bayani, Martin Lutz

Premiere: Tanznacht Berlin 2014

30 August, 10:30 pm, Studio 16

Uferstudios / Berlin

Love & Hydrogen

Oper von Jeffrey Arlo Brown


Love and Hydrogen


Regie: Franziska Guggenbichler Beck

Komposition: Jeffrey Arlo Brown

Text: Jim Shepard

Dirigent: Taepyeong Kwak

Solisten: Anna Schors, Georg Bochow, Jeongwhan Sim

Ensemble Essenz

Sound Installation: Martin Lutz

Bühnenbild: Sandra Hanschitz

Kostüme: Carine Kuntz, Robin Hildisch


24. Juli 21.00 Uhr 
25. Juli 21.00 und Nachtvorstellung um 23.00

Ballhaus Rixdorf / Berlin

Keep it Real

Keep it Real – TanzPerformance von Sergiu Matis (RO/DE)

Uferstudios Berlin (Studio 14)

12. u. 13. Dez. 2013 (21 Uhr)


Mit: Maria Walser, Corey Scott-Gilbert, Sergiu Matiș
Dramaturgie: Mila Pavicevic
Sound/Musik: Kyan Bayani, Martin Lutz
Produziert von: HZT/UDK Berlin, MA SoDA & Uferstudios Berlin.

“Keep it real” is danced by cyborgs, zombies, alienated and animated bodies. These queer bodies are brought into the field of visible, exposing perverted dynamics of the capitalist machinery and questioning what is to be considered as political action.
“When I’m wearing my costume to a protest I wonder if it’s not gonna be it that will start suffocating me… Are my Adidas shoes going to walk me into trouble?”



4Kanal Klang Performance von Kyan Bayani und Martin Lutz

Kesselhaus in den Uferstudios (Berlin)
12. November 2013, 19 Uhr

131023 ///4Kanal Klangkomposition///Fieldrecordings///Digital Noise///Kalimba///Vibraphon

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