Keep It Real im Radialsystem.V.

Keep It Real

Performance by Sergiu Matis

Sun 08.03.2015 / 20:00 / Radialsystem.V., Berlin


Maria Walser
Corey Scott-Gilbert
Sergiu Matis
Kyan Bayani
Martin Lutz

Keep It Real 

is shameless and straightforwardly queer. A post-feminist influenza, highly contagious that can cause enjoyment.

The protagonist cyborg-bitches tease the thin border between fiction and reality, and their bitch magic goes overboard contaminating everything around them.

Zombies and cyborgs seem utterly human and these queer bodies possess dangerous political possibilities, but what is their power inside the theatre machinery?

The glittery skin of the bitches becomes a screen, and changes the see-through texture of the pretended real authenticity of the discourse. The effect is queering of queer and an anti-show show.