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Composer, Musician, Sound Artist

Berlin / Germany





Martin Lutz is a Berlin based composer, musician and sound artist. He creates sound pieces for international artists, dance companies and film productions. He has mentored and participated in residency programmes. He realised a number of sound installations in Europe and China. He studied sound art at UdK Berlin and musicology at LMU Munich.

At the center of his work is the exploration of sound and its meaning and nature in and for the space. Field recordings and experimental sound production are the basis of the compositions, which snatch sounds and soundscapes from their natural environment, in order to bring them into a new contentual and spatial context.



1995 – 2003

Musicology, dramatics and ethnology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität Munich. Degree: Magister Artium (July 2003)

2011 – 2013

Sound Studies at the Universität der Künste, Berlin. Degree: Master of Arts (March 2013)



Sound Art / Music Production / Radio Art / Film Music


Sound Recording u. Sound Design für FIGHT (FOR) INDEPENDENCE, Dokumentarfilm v. Costa Compagnie (Regie Felix Meyer-Christian) (Maputo, Mosambik)

Filmmusik (mit K. Bayani) für HINTERLAND, Film v. Stefan Ruzowitzky (Luxemburg / Österreich)


Komposition und Streicher Arrangements für TV-Serie BAD BANKS, 2. Staffel (mit. K. Bayani), (Regie: Christian Zübert) ZDF, ARTE (Luxembourg / Deutschland)

Komposition (mit K. Bayani) für den Dokumentarfilm COLECTIVE v. Alexander Nanau


Bad Banks – Compositions and arrangements for strings (orig. film music by K. Bayani), directed by Christian Schwochow, TV-Series (ZDF, ARTE), Luxembourg / Germany

Klanginstallation für DATALOOP, Installation v. Ken Lee, Ioannis Kamaretsos u. Martin Lutz


Coming Home – Sound Installation (in coll. with Corinna Sigmund), Grey Cube, Goethe-Institut China, Beijing

Dem Dem! – Film music (in coll. with Kyan Bayani), directed by Pape Bouname Lopy, Marc Recchia and Christoph Rolin (Belgium)

Sur le fil – Film music (in coll. with Kyan Bayani), directed by Thierry Besseling and Loïc Tanson (Luxembourg)


50 Lautsprecher – Sound Intervention by Kyan Bayani and Martin Lutz, Berlin; funded by Bezirkskulturfonds Lichtenberg

Film music for Et Wor Alles Wei Emmer (movie by Max Jacoby LU 2016) in collaboration with Kyan Bayani.

Hannah Höch – Tapes Life Portrait – Sound Collage on tape for The Green Box

Family Comes First – Sound Installation for foto exhibition by Nora Bibel, Galerie im Rathaus, Tempelhof

Measure 100 – Audio Piece, poem by David Ferry, Van Magazine

Solo-Residence from Goethe Institut Bangalore/India


Mentor for Attakkalari Facets (Int. choreography residency of Attakkalari India Biennal 2015)

Film music for Mister Rocket (movie by Julie Schroell LU 2015) in collaboration with Kyan Bayani.


Film music for Mammejong (movie by Jacques Molitor; LU/BE 2014) in collaboration with Kyan Bayani.

Film music and sound editing for Rocket Man (short movie by Julie Schroell; LU 2014) in collaboration with Kyan Bayani.

Resident of BangaloREsidency 2014/15 (Goethe Institut Bangalore/India)


Sound shaping and multi channel realization for the opera La Figure de la Terre, Sophiensäle, Berlin (Composition: Miika Hyytiäinen, D.: Jaakko Nousiainen).

4 channel sound performance „131023“ in collaboration with Kyan Bayani, Kesselhaus der Uferstudios, Berlin.


Sound object frequency band collector beta 1.0 (in coll. with Max Baginski, Anna Bogner and Kyan Bayani). Ars Electronica 2012, Linz.

Multi channal sound performance / installation Berlin Sonic Places: 24h Schendelpark (in coll. with Anna Bogner, Klaus Hamlescher, Max Baginski, Guillermo Lares and Kyan Bayani). Performance at Aedes Campus am Pfefferberg, Berlin.

Assistence and audio recording for Peter Cusacks projects Klang Ort Berlin / Berlin Sonic Places (Berlin) and Sonic Places / Hauptplatz Linz (Linz).

Radio art 125 Jahre Kurfürstendamm (in collaboration mit Marcus Thomas) for ORF-Kunstradio.

2006 – 2011

Several music productions in the recording studio „Soundbaracke Unteralting“. E.g. for bands like Kapelle Koralle, Oktober Folk Club, Rip van Winkle … .

2006 – 2009

Sound art for readings and performances of the Write Club, Munich.

2004 – 2007

Music productions for the department „Filmmusik“ of Bayerisches Fernsehen and for BR Hörspiel.

2000 – 2004

Film music: e.g. Black PastDirectors Cut (2000, Olaf Ittenbach, DE), Riverplay (2000, Thomas Reitmair, O. Ittenbach, DE), Alter Ego (2001, Th. Reitmair, DE), Deuteronomium (2004, Roger Grolimund, CH).


Theatre / Dance / Performance



Sound Recording u. Sound Design für FIGHT (FOR) INDEPENDENCE, Dokumentarfilm u. -theater v. Costa Compagnie (Regie Felix Meyer-Christian), in Kooperation mit dem STAATSTHEATER NÜRNBERG und dem OLDEN- BURGISCHEN STAATSTHEATER, sowie dem EDITH-RUSS-HAUS FÜR MEDIEN- KUNST


Komposition u. Klang-Installation (mit Kyan Bayani) für THE REVERSED ALCHEMIST: FIGURE 1-3; Performance v. Ixchel Mendoza Hernández


Klangkomposition und- konzept für CATCH3000, Opern-Performance v. glanz&krawall (Regie: Marielle Sterra); NEUE LIEBE. VERGNÜGUNGSSTÄTTE IM F101 (Berlin) KLEIST-FESTTAGE 2018, KLEIST FORUM (Frankfurt Oder) SCHAUBÜHNE LINDENFELS (Leipzig)


CATCH3000 (Combattimento by Monteverdi) – Sound manipulation and design for opera production by Glanz&Krawall (Director M. Sterra), Neuköllner Oper, Berlin

LA HAINE. Eine Hass-Revue – Sound composition for music theater production by Glanz&Krawall (Director M. Sterra), Leipzig, Frankfurt Oder, Berlin

Your East, my Ghost – Sound realisation for dance performance by Jee-Ae Lim, SIDance Festival, Seoul, South-Korea

Bhinna Vinyasa – Sound composition for dance performance by Jayachandran Palazhy, Attakkalari Repertoiry, Teatro Compagnia (Firenze), Teatro Argentin, (Roma), Teatro Delle Muse (Ancona), Teatro Franco Parenti (Milano), Teatro il Maggiore (Verbania), Guiyang Shiji Xingguang Theatre (Guiyang / China)


Bhinna Vinyasa – Sound composition for dance performance by Jayachandran Palazhy, Attakkalari Repertoiry, Bangalore/India

Ballet of the Unseen – Sound composition for dance performance by Charlotte Jarvis and Ben Okri (poem), Bloom: New Dance, Glasgow

(b)reaching stillness – Sound realisation for dance performance by Lea Moro, u.a. Tanzplattform 2016

Giri Devi – Sound composition for dance performance by Pradeep Gunarathna, Colombo Dance Platform, Sri Lanka


Mentor for Attakkalari Facets (Int. choreography residency of Attakkalari India Biennal 2015)

Sound-composition and multiphonic realization for „This is my Rite“, dance-performance by Charlotte Jarvis (Dance Base Edinburgh, Scottland)

SoundDesign for „For it to end“ by Soo-Hyun Hwang (STspot, Yokohama, Japan)


Sound art and shaping for the opera production Die Entführung aus dem Serail (D.: Marielle Sterra), Studiosaal Hanns Eisler, Berlin.

Sound installation for the musical theatre Love and Hydrogen (Comp.: Jeffrey Arlo Brown; D.: F. Guggenbichler), Ballhaus Rixdorf, Berlin

Sound-composition and multiphonic realization for the dance performance „Bhinna Vinyasa“ (Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts / India) as part of the BangaloREsidency (Goethe Institut Bangalore)


Live sound and music for the dance theatre productionTrust at the Adademietheater des Prinzregententheaters, Munich (D.: Mario Andersen; Choreo.: Katja Wachter).

Sound composition for the dance performance Or One Dancing at the Kampnagel, Hamburg (D. a. Ch.: Greta Granderath).

Sound composition for the musical theatre „Erinnerungswalzer“ und „Wiegenlied“ (D.: F. Guggenbichler), Hau 1, Berlin.

Music and sound composition (in collaboration with Kyan Bayani) for the dance performance Keep it Real (Ch.: Sergiu Matis), Uferstudio 14, Uferstudios, Berlin.


Sound art (in collaboration with Marcus Thomas, Max Baginski and Kyan Bayani) for the opera project Xerxes at the Tacheles, Berlin (D.: Franziska Guggenbichler).

Composition and sound design for the theatre production König Arthus letzte Schlacht at the Südostbayerischen Städtetheater, Landshut, (D.: Dirk Engler).

Composition and sound shaping (in collaboration with Sam Auinger) for the dance performance Aadhaara Chakra at the Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore / India (D. a. Ch.: Jayachandran Palazhy).


Live Music and sound art (in collaboration with Marcus Thomas) for the performance Frida. Gehst du? Nein! at the Theaterhaus Mitte, Berlin, (D.: Nora Hecker).


Music and sound design for the dance performance Neverland (Silvia Andersen) at the Teamtheater, München.

Music for the production Gut gegen Nordwind at the Apollo Siegen (D.: M. Andersen).

2008 – 2009

Composition and musical direction at the Theater Regensburg for the productions Die blaue Donau und Tannöd (D.: Michael Bleiziffer).


Composition, sound design and musical direction for the world premiere of D. Kehlmanns Die Vermessung der Welt at the Staatstheater Braunschweig (D.: Dirk Engler).

2007 – 2008

Composition and sound design for the productions Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei und Die Präsidentinnen (D.: Dirk Engler) at the Theater Lübeck.


Composition and musical direction for the musical theatre Das Gespenst von Canterville at the Schauspiel Bochum (D.: Dirk Engler)

seit 2004

Regulary works (music and sound art for dance and theatre) for the Adademietheater des Prinzregententheaters, Munich. E.g.: Wolf sein (2004), 7 Türen (2007), Paare.Schritte. (2008), Wie es euch gefällt (2009), Private War (2010), tier. man wird doch bitte unterschicht (2011). and Trust (2013).

2001 – 2006

Composition, sound design and musical direction for the theatre company Theater Halle 7 / inkunst, Munich. Several productions with the directors Dirk Engler (i.a. Haltestelle. Geister., Hysterikon, Death Valley Junction, Unschuld, Das Wäldchen (Impulse Festival 2006)), Petra Dannenhöfer (La Casa de Bernarda), Mario Andersen (i.a. Der Leutnant von Inishmore, Suburban Motel, Das Pulverfaß) und Markus Schlappig (i.a. Liebe ist nur eine Möglichkeit).

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