Keep it Real

Keep it Real – TanzPerformance von Sergiu Matis (RO/DE)

Uferstudios Berlin (Studio 14)

12. u. 13. Dez. 2013 (21 Uhr)


Mit: Maria Walser, Corey Scott-Gilbert, Sergiu Matiș
Dramaturgie: Mila Pavicevic
Sound/Musik: Kyan Bayani, Martin Lutz
Produziert von: HZT/UDK Berlin, MA SoDA & Uferstudios Berlin.

“Keep it real” is danced by cyborgs, zombies, alienated and animated bodies. These queer bodies are brought into the field of visible, exposing perverted dynamics of the capitalist machinery and questioning what is to be considered as political action.
“When I’m wearing my costume to a protest I wonder if it’s not gonna be it that will start suffocating me… Are my Adidas shoes going to walk me into trouble?”