Daso + Lutz

The girl wandered further into the story, and, like any tale it twisted what the girl knew to be one way, and turned it to be quite another. Dark became darker. Waters rose higher. Too high. Too fast.

Then through it she heard a stranger’s voice say “You know you can walk on this water, right?”

“I can walk on water?” she said.

The stranger replied, “It’s your story, make it up. Make it so.“

“Well, let’s walk then,’ said the girl. “Let’s get our feet wet.” And she beckoned the Mist to follow her so they could blaze a trail to the place where anything happens if you make it so.

The Daso EP. November 3.
Order: http://bit.ly/TNT004

mit Daso, Martin Lutz und Arooj Aftab.